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Related post: result, but that the infectious bacilli contained within the intestine, within the faeces, will find their way out through the intestinal walls into the peritoneal cavity and produce an intense peritonitis ; and I believe that in this unfortunate case we had a counterpart of the experiment which has been performed repeatedly on the animal. I believe this man died in consequence, first, of paralysis of the afferent 164 STRANGULATED HERNIA. or proximal portion of the Order Cetirizine small intestine, of exosmotic peritonitis, although we did not find sufficient reason to make the diagnosis of peritonitis as we used to make it ten or fifteen years ago, when we believed it could be diag- nosticated only where the intestinal coils were agglutinated, Generic Cetirizine etc. Nowadays we see patients die, after a laparotomy, with all the symptoms of peritonitis, and -we find post- mortem a slight serous exudation, sometimes not even turbid, and a very moderate amount of hyperemia of the peritoneum. Many of these cases have been in the early days of laparotomy classed under the name of shock, and wrongfully. Nowadays we know these cases are septic peritonitis. Dr. Cabot: In regard to the treatment by the general practitioner where he has sent for the surgeon, I would say that it has occurred to me to be called several times to such cases, in which I should have been very thankful if the general practitioner had prepared the field of operation for the surgeon. I think it would have been a very great as- sistance ; Buy Cheap Cetirizine and if general practitioners who do not intend to operate and have sent for surgeons would always apply an antiseptic packing over the field of operation, anticipating the surgeon's Order Cetirizine Online arrival, I think it would help the result very much. ARTICLE VI. THE INFLUENCE OF COLLEGE LIFE ON HEALTH. BY GRACE A. PRESTON, M.D. OF NORTHAMPTON. CHARLES H. COOK, M.D. OF NATICK. EDWIN FARNHAM, M.D. OF CAMBRIDGE. ROBERT W. GREENLEAF, M.D. Cetirizine Online OF BOSTON. Purchase Cetirizine Online READ JUNE 13, 1893. THE INFLUENCE OF COLLEGE LIFE ON THE HEALTH OF WOMEN. BY GRACE A. PRESTON, M.D. , OF NORTHAMPTON. About twenty years ago, the baccalaureate degree was for the first time conferred upon women in the State of Massa- chusetts. Before that date, there were several academies or seminaries, so-called, which gave opportunity for study somewhat in advance of that Buy Cetirizine Hydrochloride afforded Purchase Cetirizine by the public high schools, but there were no colleges for women similar to those loni>' before established for men. Now five such institutions bestow annually degrees in letters, arts and sciences. The number of candidates this year aggregates about three hundred and fifty. These colleges have sprung up to supply an existing de- mand. The daughters of the commonwealth were earnestly looking for the chance to pursue systematically those attrac- tive courses of study which their brothers had always held the exclusive right to enjoy. This desire for higher educa- tion was a natural result of nineteenth-century progress. The public schools had given to boys and girls alike an introduction to classical literature and to other branches of learning. They had aroused in youth of both sexes a love of study and an eagerness to go on further into the land of promise. Yet, aside from a purely selfish longing for mental pleasure, there was a stern economic necessity that was urging Buy Cetirizine women as well as men into all possible paths for lucrative employment. Many of the so-called "surplus " women of the old Bay State have had every incentive to call them from a life of dependence and idle pastime, and 168 THE INFLUENCE OF they have become useful and productive members of so- ciety. It is no longer the fashion to bring up girls to a season of waiting for a change of destiny, but they, like their brothers, Cheap Cetirizine may have the enjoyment of choosing a way and a work for Buy Cetirizine Online themselves. They need something to do,
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